RabbitView creates your video and photo blogs, helps you share them on social networks, and integrates them with websites and services you already use. We are your own low-cost personal video production company!

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RabbitView is a Calgary based photo and video production company with a highly-skilled network of video professionals ready to shoot your video blogs, web-series, updates and profiles. We create cost-effective videos and photos designed to cater to your specific multimedia needs. We cover a wide spectrum of categories; Real Estate, Corporate / Business, Politics, Health and Fitness, Weddings, Entertainment, Special Event Coverage, and all types of Personal Blogs. Drop us a line, we want to chat with you.

What's New

Brett Marshall:
Crossfit Calgary

In this RabbitView produced piece, Brett Marshall, a pioneer in the sport of Crossfit, discusses his early participation in the games, his deep appreciation for the role Crossfit has played in his life, his defining moment with Coach Glassman, as well as the importance competition plays in helping people push their personal envelope.


Corporate Spotlight:
Le Chateau

Le Chateau commissioned RabbitView to create a series of videos for their various seasonal campaigns. Showcase your company with video blogs or on-going webisodes.


What We Do

Whether you are a corporation, business owner, or creative individual, you can now have low-cost professional videos. Contact us if you would like to chat about what RabbitView can create for you. Who is RabbitView? Find out here.


Real Estate Spotlight:
Showcase your Property with Video & Photos

A RabbitView Video Open House provides a comprehensive guided tour of any property. Realtors, builders and owners can showcase their listing with High Definition video and High Resolution photos.