Personalized Blogs

Personal blogs are a great way to connect with peers and share updates.   Project progressions, status reminders, and showcasing of special events are often great subject matter for these sorts of videos.  These sorts of productions are generally filmed with a streamlined crew so clients can work with a fixed budget and timeline.

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One of the biggest benefits to employing personalized video blogs is that you are putting a face to your business and is a great way to supplement the key points you might highlight with written text.  When you are genuine and passionate it will definitely be conveyed in your video.  People respond well when someone is displaying authentic emotion and being candid – it is a simple way to build trust and credibility.  According to HubSpot, including a video on a landing page can increase sales conversions by 80%.


Another benefit to having personalized blogs is that they can be produced relatively quickly and are generally produced in a streamlined manner.  This means that you can have on-going content which will help you and your message stand out.  The number of individuals and companies that produce quality video content on a regular basis is still comparatively small so having on-going videos is definitely a way to stand out from your competitors and make yourself distinct.  Furthermore, videos will help with your ability to find a greater audience on search engines and social media platforms – today 92% of mobile video consumers share videos with others and videos entice an increased number of page views.

Creating on-going content is also a fantastic way to archive the different activities you or your company undertake.  It is a simple and effective way of highlighting your history and documenting your accomplishments in a dynamic fashion. Ultimately, personalized video blogs are one of the most effective ways to engage your clients.  It is one of the most powerful mediums to promote your brand and a very captivating method of growing your network.