Backstage with Mark Normand in Vancouver

This is a trailer for an extended 30 minute piece (that is on that features comedian Mark Normand.  The piece showcases Mark’s transition from working the clubs to headlining big theatres across North America.  We get a chance to sit with Mark in the greenroom both prior to an after the show along with many on-stage highlights.

So far, Mark has done a One-Hour Comedy Central special “Don’t Be Yourself”, a Comedy Central HALF HOUR special, has appeared on TBS’s CONAN 6 times,  Tonight Show with Jimmy FallonLate Show with Stephen Colbert, Showtime’s “Live at SXSW”, INSIDE AMY SCHUMER, TruTv, Best Week Ever, MTv, Last Comic Standing@Midnight and released an album with Comedy Central records titled “Still Got It

We always love telling people’s stories.  Everyone has a story and is on a unique journey. When you produce documentary content, you get an opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and get an unfiltered glimpse at individuals from all sorts of subcultures.  The world of comedy is unquestionably a highly unique subculture filled with eccentric characters from all walks of live.