Mettle Minds Podcast Trailer

This video is a trailer for The Mettle Minds Podcast.  In the podcast, world-class athletes, coaches, sport psychologists, and sport medicine providers share stories and advice on hope, resilience and the path to remarkable sport injury recovery.  The Podcast features Dr. Les Podlog and Dr. John Heil — leading experts on the psychology of sport injury — and highlights evidence-based strategies for injury recovery and overcoming adversity.  Interviews with world-class athletes, coaches and sport medicine providers give additional insight into how some of these theories and practices are applied in the real world.  The goal is to provide insights on building hope, resilience and the path to remarkable recovery.

Dr. Les Podlog, PHD is Associate Professor in sport, exercise and performance psychology. His research, teaching and consulting focuses on maximizing the psychological health and resilience of injured performers; the benefits of exercise for health and well-being; and optimizing human performance. He has over 170 peer reviewed journal articles, book chapters and conference presentations on topics ranging from growth after adversity, to the benefits of exercise on cognitive function and fostering personal motivation. He has given workshops and talks for organizations such as the U.S. military, the United States Olympic Committee, and Indonesian Olympic coaches. His speaking engagements have occurred in Australia, Europe, Asia, and the United States.

“My research interests focus on the psychological aspects of a return to sport from injury, applications of self-determination theory in sport and physical activity settings, and consequences of self-presentation (i.e., impression management) concerns among sport and physical activity participants.”

Dr. John Heil, DA, FAASP, FAPA is a sport and clinical psychologist with Psychological Health Roanoke. He works with Olympic, professional and aspiring athletes, and has consulted at 3 Olympic Games. Dr. Heil also works in police and public safety, and in the medical field, where he is widely published in the psychology of sport injury.

Dr. Heil’s renowned book, “Psychology of Sport Injury” explores the psychological dimensions of getting an injured athlete back into competition, providing medical information for the psychologist, and psychological principles for the sports medicine practitioner.  The book includes (delete “the”) athlete’s, physician’s, and psychologist’s perspectives on injury; behavioral risk factors for injury, biomedical issues, and other topics.