Archiving With Video: Creating An On-Going Record

As video producers, we at RabbitView are always spreading the gospel of web video and preaching about how it is the ideal platform to create a powerful message.  As I have mentioned previously, our ideal client is someone who uses us on an on-going basis – these clients become increasing comfortable in front of the camera and become more pointed with the message they are trying to spread.

The clients who use video on an on-going basis let people know what they are up to and enable people to get to know them over time.  They also are creating an on-going record of who they are and what they do.

One of our clients who exemplifies this successful implementation of on-going web video and social media is Alderman Gian-Carlo Carra (Ward 9).  Prior to the 2010 civic election, Alderman Carra had not held political office.  He did, however, have a great deal of community involvement as the President of The Inglewood Community Association and in his professional employment as an urban planner.

The race for Ward 9 Alderman had 8 candidates and Gian-Carlo felt it was imperative to distinguish himself from the crowd.  As he states, whether you are a politician or proprietor of any business, “you need to show people who you are and video is the ideal platform.”  Gian-Carlo was able to use video to highlight his “neighborhoods first” platform and showcase his enthusiasm, knowledge and passion for the issues, while also accentuating his credentials and community involvement.

RabbitView produced 16 campaign videos for Team Carra.  Carra told RabbitView that in the week prior to the election and more specifically on the night prior to the election, there was a significant spike in video hits.  The race for Alderman was extremely tight and Gian-Carlo was able to win by a slim margin. Carra had a well-organized campaign and diligently worked to meet as many constituents as he could but as he mentions in, it is impossible to shake everyone’s hand, and video is a medium that enabled him to have a greater reach.

Following the election, RabbitView and Alderman Carra developed the concept of Ward 9 TV, an on-going web-series that would enable Carra to highlight the various activities in Ward 9 and allow constituents to see firsthand what is going on in the ward.  At the time of this blog we have filmed 38 episodes of  Ward 9 TV and 66 videos in total for Gian-Carlo.  Episodes have ranged from tours of local community facilities, to coverage of festivals and informational pieces on issues such as fluoride.

Alderman Carra is a fantastic speaker and over time he has become even more comfortable in front of the camera and has been able to use his video series as a vehicle to deliver very specific messages and address constituent concerns in a timely manner.  He now also has an archive of all his videos on his own channel and easily links his videos to Facebook and Twitter.

Gian-Carlo has repeatedly told us that he has received tremendous feedback from citizens of Ward 9 and groups interested in highlighting their worthy causes within the community on the series.  Videos have undoubtedly helped Carra cement his profile and stature within municipal politics and you can rest assured that when the next civic election comes, there will be a similar spike in his video hits in the days leading up to the election.