Can your video get over 2 million hits?

Can your video get 2 Million hits? Businesses, influencers and subject matter experts are always looking for views to increase their brand. When you have a loyal following or are looking to expand your reach, documentary content is a great way to engage and build interest.

Several years ago we did a video for CrossFit Inc. on enigmatic athlete Lucas Parker. As opposed to merely show him work out and compete – as was custom at the time – we took the initiative of hanging out with him for the day, getting to chill with him in his terry-cloth bathrobe while making breakfast. Lucas had a loyal following within the fitness community but this video undoubtedly helped him build his brand. Although it is no longer on the company’s YouTube channel, it received over 2 million hits and was one of the company’s most viewed videos.

Clearly, not all videos are going to get millions of hits but archiving simple behind the scenes moments with subjects that people find compelling, undoubtedly provides a fantastic way of building and strengthening the following of an individual / business / event / topic.