Capturing The Energy Of An Event With Video

In a previous blog, we talked about the ability to employ video to archive events and create an on-going record.  In addition to merely documenting occasions though, video has a unique ability to capture the emotion and energy of an event.

We all know certain film semiotics – slow moving images accompanied with orchestral music, connotes dramatic moments while quickly cut images complemented by face-paced music, implies action and excitement.   Aside from employing these sorts of post-production editing techniques that highlight the energy of an event, video is also able to capture things like a person’s tone and the various sights and sounds that make any occasion unique.

Recently we had the opportunity to film The Mcmahon Stadium gig by local Calgary band Early on Sunday.  The event took place on Canada Day – the band played for tailgaters prior to the game as well as the half-time show.  It was a raucous atmosphere with fantastic energy from the band and the crowd.  The setting of McMahon Stadium and the Canada Day football game provided a fantastic setting with a plethora of energized images.

A great writer might be able to provide additional insight and highlight some of the performance with creative use of adjectives and a great photographer might be able to capture a specific moment in time by producing isolated stills from the day but a video was undoubtedly the best way to capture the band’s invigorated performance combining sights, sounds and continuous imagery.

When it comes to a concert, recital, sporting event, ceremony, grand opening, or any special occasion, nothing will replace being there but for those that not only want to record such events but capture the energy, video is definitely the way to go. Having a web video enables those who might not have been at an event to still share in it, and those who were there to relive some of those moments.