Growth Through Adversity



Dr. Les Podlog is one of the world’s preeminent experts in “growth through adversity” and “remarkable recovery.” His personal injury experiences provided the impetus to gain scientific knowledge of the challenges associated with injury rehabilitation and return to sport. He has over 180 research publications, book chapters, and conference presentations, and has given invited presentations in Australia, Europe, and the United States. He has held faculty positions at Charles Sturt University (Australia), Texas Tech University (USA), and the German Sport University, Cologne (Germany). Les is currently an Associate Professor in Sport and Exercise Psychology at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City (USA).

Dr. Podlog is now a sought after public speaker and consultant and has worked with various high performance organizations such as US Ski and Snowboard, the U.S. Army and  Indonesian Olympic Coaches.   He is currently developing and app to help with the mental aspects of recovery from injury and runs mind-body workshops for Olympic coaches around the world.  In addition to regularly working with top orthopedic surgeons, academics, and fellow researchers, Dr. Podlog teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in Sport and Exercise Psychology including a course on the Psychology of Sport Injury. He has been nominated for teaching awards and has a powerful connection with students who continually recognize his passion and depth of knowledge.

RabbitView Documentary is going to be documenting Dr. Podlog’s efforts to highlight his message of “growth through adversity” and “remarkable recovery” in his interactions with athletes, coaches, colleagues, health care professionals, entrepreneurs, and business professionals.

(Footage filmed by Cardinal Red Productions)