Inspiring documentary film content – “American Movie”


Documentary film content is an amazing way to highlight compelling stories and highlight colourful characters on captivating journeys. Over the next while, I thought I would highlight some great documentary content that you might seek out that truly illustrates this point.

“American Movie” is perhaps my all-time favorite documentary and it undoubtedly inspired me to go to film school. The film features a highly inspired main character, filmmaker Mark Borchardt as he and his eclectic cohorts aim to make a movie in the pre-digital era. Mark is driven, focused and flawed. However, he is unrelenting in his journey and the film is a perfect mix of hilarity, sadness, and awe inspiring moments. As an aside, if you ever are able to get a friend as loyal as Mark’s partner in crime, Mike Schank, than you will have done ok for yourself. Their relationship is a skewed version of Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid.

We get a real opportunity to be a fly-on-the-wall and take in Mark’s maverick spirit – Director Chris Smith took place over 2 years and the viewer truly gets to appreciate an unfiltered glimpse into Mark’s madcap world.

“American Movie” is documentary film at it’s best – it inspires us to make content that similarly highlights distinct individuals on absorbing passages.