RabbitView Corporate Documentaries – Live Steaming – Virtual Meetings


Filming live events, conferences, shows and presentations, has always been a large part of our workload. Obviously, the current climate has put a halt to large gatherings. In our effort to adjust to these hurdles, we are trying to devise video production services that we help support varied businesses connect with clients in these trying times.


These fly on the wall productions engage clients and potential new clients because they accentuate the authenticity of a particular group. Showcase genuine moments and illustrate your company’s story. Behind the scenes strategy sessions, dealing with obstacles, and personalized chronicles are all great fodder for on-going corporate documentaries.


Connect live with clients and shareholders in a cost-effective way. Meetings, presentations and conferences can all be steamed live with a professionally produced multi-camera setup.


Virtual events have an overall theme, workshops, breakout sessions, & networking. Participants gather online. We film the speakers and create a customized virtual set with your company’s look & logo.