Wilson M. Beck Documentaries & Video Blogs

Documenting Wilson M. Beck  with Authentic Stories / Personal Profiles / Client Success Stories / News & Updates / Community Events & Celebrations

Documentary style video content is a compelling and authentic way of highlighting the Wilson M. Beck culture. Allowing clients and potential new clients behind-the-scenes access to the Wilson M. Beck operations and experience will highlight the company’s culture and cement it’s status as the most knowledgeable and trusted source of insurance. William M. Beck offers consumers the premium insurance plans for all their distinct insurance needs – they genuinely care and are there to help. When you join the WMB family, you work with a diverse team equipped with vast knowledge and experience. WMB fights to enforce your policy in the event of a claim. It’s a team that knows your industry and follows it. “You are not just a policy number to us. At WMB Insurance Group, you come first.” WMB documentaries will chronicle the company’s excellence and showcase client success stories.

By documenting the authentic WMB Insurance Group experience, viewers can observe first hand, the company’s expertise in developing long-term risk management plans and commitment to their clients. Additionally, WMB’s unique dedication to their client’s success and devotion to supporting their clients growth into industry leaders will be showcased.

RabbitView will deliver stylized documentary content to highlight the distinct WMB philosophy. We will chronicle the myriad of absorbing stories that make up this genuine organization. Using polished visuals, customized music, sleek titles and graphics, as well as sincere messaging, WMB will receive authentic video content that reflects an extension of their values



• Customized Wilson M. Beck content

• Ability to regularly showcase success stories with valued clients

• Personalized professional production crew

• Consistent messaging and engaging stories along with recognizable characters and settings

• Content creation for sales presentations and client follow-up

• Enhanced web presence and search optimization

• Priority turnaround and scheduling to facilitate up-to-date content

• Preferred Rates


Pre-production:  scripting / storyboarding / concept development.

Production:  Lights, camera, action! Our director works with our camera operators, light tech, and location sound engineer to capture compelling images and sound.

• Post-production: visual and audio story development, titles & graphics, music selection, compression for various broadcast/social media formats.

RabbitView Production Team

Established in 2003, RabbitView has produced 80 TV documentaries for International broadcast and is on the approved vendors list for The City of Calgary. In 2017, RabbitView was selected by The Calgary Film Centre for their inaugural grant for a documentary series showcasing the behind-the-scenes antics of a comedy club. We have also produced an ongoing series for Corus Networks and award-winning content for the Documentary Channel and CTV.   In addition, we have scripted, filmed & edited hundreds of corporate productions. Our latest big project is a pandemic adapted comedy special that will be featured on Amazon Prime and Apple TV.

We use this experience so our dedicated team of directors, filmers, and editors can provide our clients with streamlined professional video production with rapid turnaround times.