Exploring subcultures with Documentary Content

Documentary content has the opportunity to be unbelievably compelling because it can provide an unfiltered glimpse behind-the-scenes of interesting subcultures. The comedy club scene and the world of comics certainly exemplifies a setting with colourful characters and scenarios as well as absorbing narratives.

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This video highlights one of many shorts set that we filmed for The Jake Hirsch Entertainment Group. It features brash young comic Brett Forte, who has appeared at The World Famous Comedy Store opened for the likes of Bobby Lee and Chris D’Elia, and worked alongside Russell Peters.  He is a young comic on the rise. In addition to filming comics on-stage we look forward to supplementing that content by filming their antics off stage as well.

While the antics of comedians certainly will provide a lot of fodder for great viewing, we are trying to connect with entrepreneurs, leaders, trail-blazers, influencers or pundits who provides a service or product, or are beacons of a particular community, niche, lifestyle or subculture. These people/groups often have stories worth sharing and the creation of a systematized filming/editing workflow enables greater accessibility of professional on-going doc-style content.