Filming Iconic Landmarks – Being a trusted service provider

RabbitView has had the opportunity to film numerous city landmarks in Calgary and provided video services for essential city services such as The Calgary Fire Department and The Department of Transportation.   We recently were tasked with filming Mayor Naheed Nenshi and the unveiling ceremony of one of Calgary’s historic Centre Street Lions at Rotary Park.  Previously we were given the assignment of producing a video on The Calgary Peace Bridge, something that has certainly become one of the city’s most iconic landmarks.  These sorts of cultural monuments are important to providing a municipality with a distinct character and providing the images that are used to present the iconic landmarks is certainly a momentous responsibility.

We have also provided video content for various Calgary city counselors, and covered areas such as property assessments, the impact of the floods, culture in Calgary, the opening of local community amenities, and city growth.  Being on the preferred vendors list for The City of Calgary, and having had successful alliances with such groups as The Calgary Real Estate Board is something we are very proud of because it signifies our high standard of production and client service.  When you enter into a committed partnership with these sorts of organizations, there is a very thorough vetting process.  Not only are you measured by the quality of your work, but there is a check with references and previous customer experience.  When tasked with the responsibility of delivering content on important city matters presented to the public, your company has to have significant experience in delivering clear, professional content.  Furthermore you have to have a proven track-record of adapting to various shooting scenarios, providing deliverables on-time, meeting specific budgets, and properly covering important details such as having the proper liability insurance and acquiring the proper waivers and paperwork.

Essentially, the ability to craft quality productions is only one part of the equation when clients choose to work with RabbitView.  Building a stellar reputation through on-going commitment to quality customer service is the other very important factor.  We take a great deal of pride in providing all of our clients, regardless of size, this same commitment to both quality production value and clear communication and customer satisfaction.  Since 2003 we have had thousands of positive customer interactions and hold a A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.  It is our goal to continue to build our reputation so we can continue to work on new and engaging project s with a diverse set of clients.