Hanging in the greenroom with Big Jay Oakerson

This video highlights a 40-minute hang in the Yuk Yuks Calgary greenroom with headlining comic Big Jay Oakerson.  Big Jay hosts a radio talk show “The Bonfire” on Sirius XM,  and the wildly popular “Legion of Skanks” Podcast.”  Beloved by his fellow comics because of his quick wit and authentic brand of comedy, Big Jay is also an actor on television and in the movies.  In addition he tours with his comedy about 40 weeks a year and currently has a special on Netflix.

In this video, Big Jay is joined by cutting-edge comic Kathleen McGee and the highly energetic Kris LaBelle.  We get to see a small sample of Jay riffing on stage and well as get a behind-the-scenes glimpse off stage.   This greenroom piece definitely provides a fly-on-the wall perspective with very candid conversation between the comics.

Subjects of conversation range from the treatment of comic Shane Gillis, who was recently let go from Saturday Night Live for a joke made during a Podcast, to manicured eye-brows, rigors of travel, ear-wax buildup, abortion, and midgets.  What we love most about this piece is the authentic nature of the conversation –  having an unfiltered glimpse of what comics are like off-stage, away from a podcast or performance, is truly compelling content.

Conversation Minutes:

0:00:30 – Introducing Big Jay Oakerson to the stage

0:01:00 – Big Jay Oakerson riffing on stage with Calgary Yuk Yuks audience

0:05:22 – Big Jay and Kathleen McGee discussing the state of comedy

0:05:40 – Shane Gillis and Saturday Night Live

0:07:40 – Taylor Swift and telling people to “calm down”

0:07:55 – The influence of the extreme left

0:08:46 – Abortion and midgets

0:10:15 – The rigours of travelling as a stand-up comic

0:11:15 – Facemasks and skincare

0:11:30 – Doctor Pimple Popper

0:12:45 – Earwax buildup

0:14:50 – Inadvertently eating spiders in your sleep

0:15:32 – Comic Nate Bargatze

0:18:30 – Food at comedy clubs

0:19:03 – Canadian geography and the length of a flight from Calgary to Los Angeles

0:20:00 – Using vitamin D to fight a cold

0:23:10 – Travelling to comedy shows

0:26:15 – Driving in snowstorms

0:28:35 – Unique flavored sodas

0:29:26 – Sodastream

0:29:45 – Fancy coffee makers

0:31:00 – Guest act Kris LaBelle entering the greenroom

0:31:40 – The Stand in NYC

0:31:52 – Jay’s manager being tragically murdered

0:32:21 – Jay’s busy schedule

0:32:41 – Comic Louis J. Gomez

0:33:15 – Jay having to get a plastic gun barrel to the butt as a result of losing a bet

0:33:48 – Louis J. Gomez’s conflict with comic Nicole Arbour

0:35:50 – Manicured eyebrows

0:36:25 – The Damian Lillard pose for photos

0:36:50 – Dick pics and weirdos

0:38:30 – Christmas in NYC

0:39:16 – Kathleen asking how Kris wants to be introduced on stage

0:35:40 – Jay’s previous work as a bouncer/driver for stripers

0:39:50 – Kris thanking Jay for letting him doing a spot and changing his mood