Professional Speaker Highlight Video

This video highlights Performance Expert / Professional Speaker / Stage Hypnotist Wayne Lee.  Wayne employs this video to send out to speaker bureaus and prospective clients to highlight his high energy show and dispel certain myths about hypnosis and the power of the mind.


When prospective clients are booking a show or hiring a speaker, inevitably they are going to want to see a video clip.  Speakers have to engage audiences and have substantive messages in order to differentiate themselves to land gigs – corporate event planners want to see examples of enthralled audiences and speakers who deliver their message in a dynamic fashion.


When trying to highlight and illustrate these points, video is undoubtedly the best medium to do so.  At RabbitView we have produced a large number of speaker videos and presenters such a Wayne Lee employ us on a regular basis to highlight what they do for prospective new clients as well as to create on-going content for their social media platforms.