The Podcast Kid – Episode 1 – Carolla, Corddry, and Mr. Lahey

The Podcast Kid is a completed 3-part web documentary series featuring Cassius Morris. Cassius is a 16 year-old podcaster who hosts a weekly podcast from his basement in Edmonton Alberta – he has interviewed everyone from Eric Singer of KISS to Larry The Cable Guy. This precocious young talent started podcasting at the age of 10 and has ambitions of moving to Los Angeles to take his show to the “next level.”


In the inaugural episode of ‘The Podcast Kid’ we meet the precocious 16 year old podcaster and learn about the genesis of “The Cassius Morris Show.”  The episode also features a potential star-making phone-call on The Adam Carolla show with Adam and his guest, actor Rob Corddry.  Later in the episode we see Cassius schedule an interview with acclaimed actor John Dunsworth of The Trailer Park Boys.


During his interview with “Mr. Lahey” you can see a unique dynamic develop between actor John Dunsworth, of The Trailer Park Boys fame, and Cassius as they engage in a spirited podcast where they cover a wide range of topics.


Cassius has gone on to interview the likes of Gene Simmons from Kiss as well as numerous other famous musicians and comedians such as Joey Diaz and Greg Fitzsimmons.  His audience continues to grow and he has developed a sizeable social media following.