Recent RabbitView Documentary Highlights – June 2022

We always love telling people’s stories.  These are some visual highlights from a few of our most recent shoots.

Over the past few months we have had the opportunity to follow stage performers such as up-and-coming comic Stavros Halkias and veteran corporate hypnotist Wayne Lee.  We got to film the grit of an old-school boxing gym and the beauty of the Canadian Rocky mountains.  We also got to film for many great local businesses and entrepreneurs.

We take pride in showcasing our clients with elegant visuals and highlighting their narrative in a genuine authentic way. With Corporate Documentaries content is no longer simply relegated to the office.  Subject matter can be engaging.  We can be a “fly-on-the-wall” as you engage with clients and go through your daily hustle.

Over the past several years we have produced over 80 documentaries for  international distribution.  For over the past decade, RabbitView has produced documentaries for The Documentary Channel and CTV, TV commercials, a weekly TV Real Estate series for Corus Customs Network, and a national ad campaign for Le Chateau.  Our work has also appeared on such broadcast outlets as ESPN, Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, Dish, DirectTV, Spectrum, Google Play.

We draw upon this experience so entrepreneurs, influencers, and corporate clients can have on-going content that is authentic and engaging.