Video Testimonials – Strengthen Your Reputation

Testimonial videos are a simple but important part of the success of most businesses. Building loyal clients and customers helps establish your credibility and highlight your expertise. When you record that testimonial with a video, potential future clients can see that the person delivering the message is indeed genuine when being complementary about your company. In addition, you can pair their positive remarks with images that also highlight their positive interaction. As they say, “pictures don’t lie” and having images that support the dialogue will undoubtedly strengthen the quality of a testimonial.

At RabbitView, we have had the opportunity to film many first-person testimonials. In our experience, the best testimonials are simple messages where the customer describes their satisfaction with a particular service or product and their affirmative comments are matched with images that support their testimony. When you have a video documenting a testimony, a person’s sincerity can be witnessed and this is definitely something that is integral when we are directing people when asking them about a particular service or product. We make sure that the subject is relaxed and get them to talk clearly about their true experience. In the editing process, we make sure to accentuate the most positive aspects of that experience.

With your video testimonial you will be able to elicit an emotional reaction from potential clients by not only appealing to them visually but by pairing those appropriate visuals with pointed dialogue and affecting music. Promoting your business with the strategic and intelligent use of a video testimonial is a simple a proven method of enhancing your reputation.